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Automotive Shop Management
Are you a current InvoMax customer?
Q: Will the InvoMax staff that we know still be around?
A: Yes, 100% of the staff will still be in place.

Q: Will billings and correspondence come from another location?
A: Yes and No. Billings will need to be sent to the corporate headquarters, but other items may or may not come from our normal address. The new corporate address is: eGenuity / InvoMax P.O. Box 217, Monroe, IN 46772

Q: How can I see all the products that will be available?
A: We will mail you materials, but you will also be able to go to or

Q: Will we receive special pricing because we have been InvoMax customers?
A: Yes. eGenuity plans to discount products to InvoMax customers. Products that would cost significantly more if purchased elsewhere. We will also have many new products and opportunities for our customers to become referral members and much more!

Q: Will my support fees increase?
A: The new InvoMax products will also include many data resources (i.e. new vehicle data, more diagrams, Service Recommendation data, etc.). The product will include significantly more features. With that being said, there will be some price increases that will be easily worth the value delivered. eGenuity is known to have very fair pricing. Also, in some states eGenuity is required to charge Sales Tax. This will increase the normal monthly or quarterly billings in those states.

Q: Will we hear new voices?
A: Yes, you will hear new voices, but all of the current InvoMax staff will still be heard as well.

Q: Will the program format be the same? Will I need to relearn a new program?
A: It is important to note that eGenuity has 1000s of users in the Quick Lube industry and many in the repair industry as well as a large volume of Car Wash customers. In the Quick Lube and Car Wash industries it is necessary to create a ticket/invoice very fast, so the changes you will see are mainly there for enhanced speed and functionality. The program will be slightly different, but very easy to learn.

Q: Will the hours remain the same or will they be Indiana (EST) time?
A: The support hours will minimally be the same, but there will be added hours as well.

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