Text Box: Do I have to pay a 
fee every quarter?
Yes. Advance features of InvoMax as well as technical support require a quarterly fee of $108.  When you pay your quarterly fee it enables you to access the complete vehicle files including the most current 5 years. ( with no fee you have access up to 2008 vehicles).  Your tech support payment also provides access to automatic ZIP code lookups, the FREE Private VIN decoder,  Autodata labor guide, free text message alerts and free email service reminders,  spyglass service histories, a super easy bookkeeping system that runs just like a simple check register, and built in links for your ordering account with WORLDPAC, AUTOZONE, BUMPER2BUMPER, PRONTO, ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, U.S. AUTOFORCE, FEDERATED. 

How does the support
We use the internet to  “log into” 
your computer so we are actually 
seeing your screen and running 
your keyboard.  We can show you 
how to do something right on your screen or 
fix a data issue for you while you go back to work. 

Do we tell you when we log in, 
will you know it? 
Our login’s always pop-up a notice asking your permission to log on.  We are not able to log into your computer without your permission.

Do we setup your printers and network?   
We always try to help and often we can do those things for you but
occasionally you may need to call in a consultant for hardware issues. 

How is the training done?  Training is done through easy to 
use internet tutorials as well as direct one-on-one toll free support.  
When you are ready to begin your subscription call us at 800-468-6629 
or submit your shop name and number on the front web screen and we set an appointment to log into your computer through the internet. When we log in we take about 1/2 hour to install the program and check out your printers and network.  Then we answer your immediate questions on writing repair orders and walk you through using the internet tutorials.  Using internet tutorials means you can take your extended training when it is truly most convenient for you. You can also go back to any of the tutorials whenever you need a refresher.  Got a new service writer? They can use the tutorials as well.  We will help you get started writing jobs on your first day

Can I get help right away?  Yes, you will usually get help on the spot.   Our average support tech has 10 years experience.  During the busiest times of the day you may get a call-back rather than immediate assistance.




for friendly toll free assistance



or get email assistance anytime

using this convenient email form

Technical  Support

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we log right into your

screen and keyboard so it’s like we’re at the shop”

Busy shop?

..watch the




 or day

to learn

at your

own pace.

No pressure

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